Our Project: Sweetening Your Life

Sweetening Your Life - Crear Para Endulzar 
United States of America 
To open a company, that produces and sells traditional and handmade cakes, customized with chocolate (coffee shop - tasting).

cmervaille-crearparaendulzarproject2Beginnig and Present 
At present, Sergio Aguilar Rodríguez, master patissier and chocolate maker, works in a company that produces traditional cakes and ice creams. Here he had a chance to work with worldchampions of patisserie.
In his free time, he used to create anykind of cakes, particularly for friends and acquaintances. This is how Crear Para Endulzar (www.crearparaendulzar.com), was born. It is a blog that showcases the pieces Sergio has been creating until now. It also has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Youtube channel. Any donation we receive is entirely given to the Charity It's all for LOVE.

Main Idea 
To produce handmade personalized cakes.

Sergio Aguilar Rodríguez, master patissier and chocolate maker (resume and diplomas copies upon request)

Name of the Company 
Even if the blog is now known as Crear Para Endulzar (and should keep the name), the translation into English will be SweeteningYourLife.

cmervaille-crearparaendulzarproject3Possible Locations United States of America,  California, Los Angeles area.

The choice of this location comes from a real enthusiasm and strong motivation to discover new horizons, besides realizing that a high number of visits to the blog come from this part of the world. In the statistics, after Spain, US is the second country which surfs on the blog. From the beginning of 2013, there has been an important increase of visits from the United States.

Other possible locations:
* Chicago, United States of America (metropolitan area of 10 millions residents)
* Canada, English-speaking part, city to be chosen
* United Kingdom, city to be chosen


Option 1: to find a patissier, who has an establishment, willing to hire Sergio Aguilar Rodríguez, so that he can learn the local tastes and techniques, as well as bringing his own know-how and experience.

Option 2: to find funding (group of investors), to get the working documentation and create the company "Crear Para Endulzar" (“SweeteningYourLife”) in the United States.

Detailed Description of the Product
To create traditional cakes, mainly customized with the signage technique in chocolate.

To evaluate variation in the manufacturing of cakes, depending on allergies, illnesses, (diabetes, …), convictions (vegans,…) and on customers’ requests.

The idea is to produce something different, emphasising the creativity and converting the consumers’ thoughts into something visible. To talk to customers to know them better and adapt to their point of view, to their wishes and needs.

To contribute with new and original products, to break barriers by  creating something unique and unrepeatable, not to resign to the banal and easy solution that anybody can reach (photocopy on ricewafet, silkscreenprinting), though it could be done upon request. To bring an innovative product, as the customization will be done with chocolate (and not fondant as it's usual in the USA).

The supporting base for the establishment will be a coffee shop, where people will be able to have coffee and other drinks in a pleasant and cosy atmosphere, where they could also taste tops, chocolates, pieces of cakes,… This way, customers will be able to taste the cake before maybe ordering a customized one, and spend a pleasant moment with friends and/or family.

Unexhaustive List of thebasisCakes that will have the signage in white, black and/or milk chocolate (this list can be changed on demand):

  • Sacher Cake
  • Massini
  • Almonds Cake
  • Black Forest
  • Crème Brule Cake
  • Tiramisu
Bavarian Cakes (Mousses)
  • Chocolate with Coconut
  • Raspberry with Lemon
  • Yogurt with Lemon
  • Yogurt with Raspberry
  • Red Fruits / Wild Fruits
  • Chocolate with Hazelnut Crisp
  • Cappuccino with Tiramisu
  • Cheese with Raspberry and Mango
  • Banana with Chocolate
  • Strawberry with Chocolate
  • Catalan Cream
  • Vanilla with Chocolate
The fusion with Bavarian Cakes is limitless, as much in tastes as in textures, and the will be adapted according to the customers demand, bringing however the European knowledge to bring something new.

Besides this list, we also consider the possibility to make “special” cakes depending on the seasons (Christmas), as well as including tops and "cupcakes",  with or without fondant, according to the demand.

Market Survey 
The United States of America are a big and cosmopolitan country, with about 316 159 818 residents (the third most populated country of the world) and 82 % of the population living in cities. More than 38 millions persons live only in California, about 10 millions in Los Angeles county. This is a potential big and diversified community of consumers. At present, the tendency in the market is mostly to use butter in the desserts, as well as fondant, cupcakes,...

However, in big cities we can also perceive a rise of the "gourmet“ consumption, not only in cookery but also in patisserie, with the opening of restaurants where more importance is placed on quality, taste and even luxury than on  quantity (Beverly Hills, Malibu,...)

The customization of cakes with the signage technique with chocolate seems to be (almost) non existant in the country. For this reason, a delicious base with a unique and unrepeatable customization, traditionally handmade, has big chances to attract an exclusive public, that looks for one-of-a kind products and is ready to pay for them. As a consequence, the option of a distribution channel is irrelevant. The customer will have to go to the shop to pick up the creation, or a home delivery service (in the area) can be established.

To sum up, in spite of a present habit in the American patisserie, to propose something special and unique will attract a  demanding “gourmet” public, ready to pay for the creation. The percentage of this kind of public in Los Angeles county is very high.

Other possible locations:
* Chicago, United States of America (metropolitan area of 10 millions residents)
* Canada, English-speaking part, city to be chosen
* United Kingdom, city to be chosen

 Examples of Customization are shown in this website.

Commercial Plan
The product, its characteristics and innovative aspects have been described before in "Detailed Description of theProduct" and “Market Survey".

1. Prices of Cakes 
The price list of the “basis” cakes will have to be calculated depending on the costs, as well as on th eaverage market price. To have a rough idea, a first table has been prepared, according to what is known here:
  • Customization: the cost of customization will depend on the complexity of the chosen drawing, time and quantity of materials (colouring, chocolate,…) that will be necessary.
  • Use of  Stevia (for example) instead of sugar.
  • Use of other possible ingredients: prices to be analysed according to the demand.
  • The prices of beverages will be fixed according to market prices once on site.
  • The prices of tops, chocolates and pieces of cake will depend on the market prices, but they may be situated between $1,50 and $3,00 depending on the weight, presentation, details,…
2. Promotion and Advertising 
At first, advirtisement will be done through the website, blog, social nets (facebook, twitter) and in the shop, with launch offers, competitions,… Later, and depending on the results, we will study the possibility to promote the shop and products through other local channels.

3. Stocks and Storage Management 
The idea is to have a minimum of 10 pieces of each one of the products in Stock. Studying the needs and wishes of the local market and aimed at reaching all kinds of public, the idea is having about thirty flavors in catalogue, having also a category with special flavors, where the additional cost would be studied. The customization of the cakes will be made upon request, adding the extra cost.

The “base” cakes will be prepared in quantities and kept inside the cold store so that, when there is a customization order, the pastry chef can work specifically on it and deliver the order as soon as possible.

4. Required Resources

Staff: at first, Sergio will be in charge of the production, stock management and purchasing department; Caroline will take care of sales, invoicing, promotion and advertising.

Resources and Other:
  • Premises: rental of  40 m2 for the production and cold store + 40 m2 for sale and client care
  • Ovens
  • Cold Store
  • Glass Cabinets
  • Tables, Chairs, Armchairs, Shelves,…
  • Mugs, Spoons, Plates, Glasses,…
  • Coffee Machine
  • Telephone landline + Internet
  • Computer
  • Cash register

 5. Additional Options
The idea to create Sweetening Your Life includes the following strong points:
  • Innovative concept,
  • Aimed at customers who are looking for exclusivity
  • Affordable prices, that will allow a wide public to access the product
  • Exclusive product, made only for our customers.
In order to give a bigger and wider service to the client, we consider the possibility of home delivery. 
We also consider the possibility to propose workshops and “special weeks” focused on a theme or country (ex. the Spanish week, Easter,…). 
We are thinking in distributing typical finished products (ex. milk cream with gofio, mojo pición from the Canary Islands, …) 
We also may give the possibility to artists to show thei rworks (paintings, book presentations,…).

Additional Resources: TV screen, books, magazines, folding screens, sound system, ornaments,…

Machinery for Production and Sale Basic Machinery:  19.550 €
  • Freezing Cabinet:  1.750 €
  • Cooling Cabinet:  1.500 €
  • Freezing Chest:  400 €
  • Smoke Extractor:  600 €
  • Oven:  4.000 €
  • Burner ( 4):  1.000 €
  • Mixer:  1.500 €
  • Cream Whipper:  1.700 €
  • Sink:  400 €
  • Scale:  250 €
  • Stainless Steel Table (3):  800 €
  • Carts and Trays:  700 €
  • Glass Cabinet:  1.000 €
  • Cash Register:  750 €
  • Sales Stand:  400 €
  • Coffee Machine:  1.300 €
  • Tables and Chairs:  1.500 €
Complements and Tools:  5.000 Machine to work the Chocolate, Molds, Casserole Pots, Cutlery and Flatware, Shelves,…

Administrative Fees:  according to country, area, city

Premises  (Cost not included in total)

TOTAL  about 75.000 € 

Our Strong Points

1. Company’s Vision

Experience: excellence, prestige, client care, efficiency, trustworthiness, customization, creativity, design, communication, technology, adaptation, investment->time, passion, dedication Human team: talent, motivation, enthusiasm, training, professionalism, team spirit, winning spirit, control, monitoring, detail, transparency, deep respect for the person.

2. History

Past: the Experience Crear Para Endulzar was born on 15th September 2011. Assimilating the know-how that he gained during the 22 years in the sector, Sergio Aguilar Rodríguez works as a pastry chef and produces luxurious cakes. Moreover, in his free time, he customizes these cakes, thus trying to offer a unique and exclusive experience.

Present: the Facts Our customers give us the opportunity to go on dreaming so that our wish comes true, our present becomes a great future, and so that we can show that a well-done work has a future and is rewarded.

Future: the Excellence We believe that focusing on the future means being prepared to face it. We believe excellence is reached by working everyday, innovating, having the ability to offer customers what they wish and even surprise them, making their experience is the first one of many to follow. Customers satisfied+ motivated human team= tools for a promising future.

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