miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

Bcn&Cake: first Creative Baking exhibition

The 1st Creative Baking Exhibition, BCN & CAKE, took place last week-end, and Crear para Endulzar could not miss such an event.

It took place in the convention hall in the Fira de Montjuic (Barcelona) where 120 exhibitors congregated in 4000 m2.

Exhibitors came from all over Spain and South America, each one having a different kind of relationship with the world of bakery: from machinery and tools to books, courses,... and above all, we calculate that about 70 % of the exhibitors worked in the baking with fondant and/or cupcakes. They also informed people about courses and/or sold their products (not always well-finished) and/or tools and goods necessary to make this kind of baking. To be sincere, we think there was a supersaturating of these "trendy" products, to the detriment of the "traditional" baking and pastries.

One of the exhibitors was Pastisseria Escribà, famous patisserie in Barcelona. In their booth we could admire any kind of products, made with all the materials and techniques we could imagine in the world of bakery. It was amazing. We obviously enquired about the courses they were offering.

While we were there, the visitors who were present in the exhibition were mainly women (about 90 %). Visitors who complain because of such a badly organized event. Indeed, we went on Sunday, and one hour and a half after the opening, visitors could not enter as long as others would not leave. To sum up the organization sold more tickets than it should have done if it had considered the capacity of the premises: not only it did not give priority to people who had bought their ticket before but it even sold them in the ticket office. The consequence was that many people who came from other parts of Spain, and sometimes had even taken days off, could not get in, despite the fact that they have had their entrance ticket for months.

A few photos of the booths:

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  1. Es increible la de cosas que se pueden hacer, de hecho hasta que no he visto tus propias creaciones, y todo el trabajo y esfuerzo que conlleva este dulce arte, ni siquiera le había prestado demasiada atención, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta que lo haces todo con mucho cariño, en cada pastel, pastillaje,etc. ahora afortunadamente soy consciente de todo ello,gracias y mi más sincera enhorabuena por tu trabajo y dedicación para endulzarnos la vida !!

  2. Me vas a dejar al niño sin palabras ;)
    Gracias por tu comentario Elvi <3 (Karo)


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