lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013

Hussel Confectioner's in Vienna

Walking around Vienna, Hussel Sweet Shop caught our attention. Hussel is a company founded in the year 1949, which has over 240 shops in Germany and Austria.

A distinctive feature of this establishment is that all the making is focused on chocolate and on all the different creative ways it can get, considering a mass production. It also has a large range of filled chocolates with many forms and tastes.

Hussel not only works in the creation of chocolate pieces made with typical molds, but it also creates pieces to which they then add a silk screen printing and forms that I never had seen before in creations with chocolate.

This Sweet Shop works with high quality, as much in the choice of materials as in the finishing of the products. They use all the creativity which is possible with a mass production, what brings us to high quality products with affordable prices and a touch of creativity, which we are not used to see in other places.

To put it in a nutshell, the difference between this shop and a traditional bakery is that in Hussel Confiserie, prices are adjusted to mass production items, and not as if they were handmade as it sometimes happens in other establishments.

Hussel Confiserie Facebook Page 

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