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Presentation (English)

The Beginnings

Since I have been a young boy, I wanted to work in something related to handmade creativity.
When I finished EGB (primary school education), I began to study in the Gremi de Pastisseria (patisserie school) in Barcelona. At that moment, I knew I had found my vocation.
I think that Patisserie should keep traditional products, this is the basis, but one has to know that everything may be improved and made in a healthier way. I think that this is the way, strengthening this job with creativity and giving new perspectives in the finishing, in the customizations, to surprise the customer not only visually, but also at the moment of tasting and perceiving the different textures of the desserts.
In 2011 I met Karo who, after creating a  book based on the photos I had been taking for many years, decided to create the blog Crear Para Endulzar (Sweetening Your Life). We update it regularly, not only with photos of cakes, but also with various Articles about patisserie.

Final Window 1994
Cakes, Gum Paste, Confectionery, ... for the Final Presentation

Final Window 1995
Cakes, Gum Paste, Confectionery, ... for the Final Presentation

Crear Para Endulzar / Sweetening Your Life

Little by little, we realized that our page was visited more and more. Our friends, acquaintances and even unknown people ordered cakes and different creations. 

Since both of us have a job, we made it clear right from the beginning that the blog has no lucrative aim. For this reason Crear Para Endulzar collaborates with the Charity It’s all for L.O.V.E (4loveprojects.org), giving them any donation we might receive when delivering a cake.

To the benefit of this charity, we printed the first set of postcards, based on the photo of cakes created for a children’s party, in 2012. In 2013, we printed a new set, this time with a general view and details of a cake mixing Michael Jackson and Salvador Dalí.

We also realized that the blog was visited from other countries like United States, Canada, Lativia, Venezuela, Indonesia, Russia, Israel, United Arab Emirates and many more. For this reason, besides translating most of the articles in English, at the beginning of 2013 we opened the section “Around the World”, where we write articles about events we have gone to, reports about patisserie and confectionery in different places in the world where we have traveled to, traditions,…

Every day we try to innovate, both the design of our webpage and our creations…

Evolution of our Logo:





Though future is always something unsure, we have many projects, and one of them is a very important one that we have been trying to make true for many years. Of course we also have other unusual projects but we will tell you about them in our “Latest News” section.

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