domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

Around The World in 80 Textures, Flavors and Sounds


Eagerness, Creativity, Teamwork and finally impress the Critics, this is what Jordi Bordas and his team did to win the Patisserie World Cup in 2011, that was hold in Lyon (France). It was the first time that Spain wined this prize, after an unsuccessful attempt in 2009.

On May 19, Crear para Endulzar was present for the introduction of "Around the World in 80 Textures, Flavors and Sounds", an event hold at Espai Maragall in Gavà (Barcelone), where we discovered the textures and flavors that won the first prize in 2011, together with musical compositions specially created and thought by Andreu Brunat to be listened to, while one is savoring these sweets.

After a quick view of the images of the 2011 competition, Jordi explained in a clear way and with the enthusiasm that defines someone whose job has converted into a passion, how he worked with the textures, flavors and each one of the ingredients.

With his creations, through the flavors and textures, Jordi Bordas tries to move us to different places and feelings, together with a musical blend that translates with sounds the sensations of the palate. A fusion that puts all your senses in turmoil.


1. Fire Circle
Based on the idea of an Indian tipi, the music strengthen the freshness of the flavors, which created a colorful fountain inside your mouth.

2. Mandarin Express
A soft music helped to embrace each one of the different flavors, then taking you to an incomparable blend of aromas and sensations.

3. Compass Rose
Among jazz and blues notes, strong, sensuous and sinful flavors catch you in a whirl of chocolate.

To be able to taste part of the flavors that won the World Competition was undoubtedly an incredible experience.

We would like to thank Jordi Bordas for all his energy, his enthusiasm and his creativity in the patisserie world. It was very nice to see you again and to talk to you.

Thanks Jordi, and go on surprising the world with your creations.

More photos here

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